Paediatric medicines
It is of great concern to Apocare Pharma GmbH to support the provision of paediatric medicines. Children are a particularly vulnerable group of patients who have special medical needs that differ from those of adults. It is our responsibility to ensure that paediatric medicines are safe, effective and appropriately dosed to protect their health and provide them with optimal treatment.

However, developing medicines for children can be challenging. Compared to adults, there are fewer clinical data and studies for children, as ethical and practical concerns can make it difficult to conduct clinical trials in children. In addition, children often have different physiological characteristics and metabolic processes that can affect drug dosing and formulation.

Despite these challenges, it is critical to invest in the development of paediatric medicines. Children suffer from a variety of diseases and conditions that require specialised treatments, including infections, cancers, asthma, diabetes and many others. Without adequate paediatric medicines, children may be at increased risk of inadequate treatment, uncontrolled symptoms and potential complications.

In addition, it is important to ensure the safety of medicines for children. Medicines for children should be carefully tested for safety to minimise potential side effects and risks. Children are often at higher risk of adverse drug reactions due to their smaller body size, weight and developmental stages. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure the safety of paediatric medicines through strict quality control, monitoring and regulatory compliance.

As a pharmaceutical company, it is also our responsibility to provide paediatric medicines in child-friendly forms and dosage forms that are suitable for children. This may include the development of liquid formulations, chewable tablets, right-sized capsules and other child-friendly dosage forms to make it easier for children to take medicines and improve adherence to therapy.

In addition, the availability of paediatric medicines should also be ensured, regardless of financial constraints. Paediatric medicines should be affordable and accessible to all families and communities to ensure that no child is denied appropriate health care due to financial or other barriers.

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