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Xromi® – A milestone in child-orientated therapy

With Xromi® we are experiencing a significant advance in the medical treatment of children aged 9 months and above who suffer from sickle cell disease. For the first time, the active substance hydroxycarbamide is available in a dosage form that is specially tailored to the needs of our youngest patients. The introduction of Xromi® marks an important pillar in the prevention of recurrent, painful vaso-occlusive complications.

Xromi®: Early therapy from 9 months of age

With the development of Xromi®, hydroxycarbamide is available for the first time as an early therapy for children from the age of 9 months. This is a stand-alone approval in the treatment of sickle cell disease with hydroxycarbamide.

Learn more about Xromi®

For detailed information about Xromi® please visit our official website: There you will find comprehensive medical and multilingual information.

Learn more about sickle cell disease:

At, the background to the disease is explained in an understandable way for parents and children. In several languages, Eddie Erdbeer explains sickle cell disease and what you can do to feel well and strong.