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Apocare is committed to combating sudden cardiac death under the ResQ-Care brand.

We have been the exclusive distributor of AEDs and defibrillators from the manufacturer CU Medical Systems Inc. in Germany since 2007.

From the beginnings in 1993 to the innovation of today

Apocare Pharma GmbH’s journey began in 1993, when we were founded as a service brand for pharmacies. Our pioneering spirit led to the development of numerous healthcare companies that set new standards with innovative homecare services and patient-centred care. The growing demand for our products led to the establishment of a specialised wholesaler for home care and care of the seriously ill. Over time, we continued to specialise and expanded our portfolio to include products in the fields of oncology, haematology and immunology.

2003: A turning point in research and development

In 2003, cooperation with leading German and international research institutions marked a turning point. We began to develop and produce our own pharmaceutical products, particularly in the fields of photodynamic therapy in oncology and photodynamic inactivation of bacteria. An interdisciplinary team of pharmacists, biologists, chemists and physicists drove our research forward.

A look into the future

Apocare Pharma GmbH stands for new paths in therapeutical approaches in order to continuously improve the lives of patients in a quality-orientated manner. Our history shows our commitment to finding answers to solutions beyond the known paths.  Together we are working towards a healthier world.

2004 to today: years of breakthrough and innovation

We made significant progress in the following years:

Approval of important generic oncology products.
Research work on the active ingredient Chlorin e6 and the establishment of GMP-compliant production in Heidelberg.
Launch of Resq-Care and distribution of automated external defibrillators.
Foundation of a GMP-certified production facility in Heidelberg.
Conducting a Phase IIb clinical trial with Chlorin e6.
Expansion of our portfolio to include the GMP active ingredient cannabidiol and innovative medical products such as the epilepsy alarm Emfit.
Launch of Nemos, a transcutaneous stimulation device, and HemoType SC, a POC diagnostic for sickle cell disease.
Launch of Xromi®, an oral solution for sickle cell disease, and Plaze SAFE HPA-130W, an air disinfection device.
Launch of PHEBURANE® as an oral solution for urea cycle disorders.